Evacuation Safety Compliance Program (Digital Download)

Evacuation Safety Compliance Program (Digital Download)



This Excavation Safety Program has been developed to protect employees from safety hazards that may be encountered during work in trenches and excavations.

All employees, including contractor personnel, who work in or around excavations, must comply with the requirements of this program. Employees are responsible for reporting hazardous practices or situations to management, as well as reporting incidents that cause injury to themselves or other employees.

This program comes in a Word document format and can be easily edited to fit your company’s specific requirements.

Topics covered include:

  • Employees who perform work in excavations are aware of their responsibilities and know how to perform the work safely;
  • All persons involved in excavation and trenching work have received appropriate training in the safe work practices that must be followed when performing this type of work;
  • Training provided to all employees who perform work in excavations; and
  • Personal Protective Equipment Including employees working in trenches or excavations shall wear approved hardhats and steel-toed shoes or boots.


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